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Think about all of the things you consider every day to help keep yourself, your loved ones, and your community happy, healthy, and hopeful.

Now consider this: There is an ever-growing body of research demonstrating significant negative impacts, for yourself and the ones you love, in the consumption of pornography. It can change the way you think, harm your ability to connect with other people, and can contribute to changing the world in negative ways.

Join us every other week as we consider the harmful effects of pornography using science, facts, and personal accounts. But, we’re not just inviting you to consider the potential negative consequences of pornography but also the benefits to a life free of porn and its influence.

Consider Before Consuming is brought to you by Fight The New Drug (FTND). FTND is a non-religious and non-legislative, non-profit organization whose mission is to raise awareness on the harmful effects of pornography and its links to sexual exploitation using only science, research, and personal accounts.


We are a non-religious, non-legislative nonprofit whose mission is simple: to educate individuals on the harms of pornography using only science, facts, and personal accounts so they can make an informed decision regarding pornography.


We Are Research-Based

We carefully review, summarize, and present peer-reviewed research about pornography in a clear and concise way that’s engaging and easy for Fighters to understand.

We Are Education-Focused

Our team presents research in schools and youth forums around the world to educate individuals about the harmful effects of pornography. We also publish research-backed content to help people learn about the harmful effects of pornography.

We Are Sex-Positive

FTND fights for real love and healthy relationships, including healthy sexual relationships. Thanks to science, we know that porn can negatively affect consumers’ sex lives, which is one of the many reasons we fight against it.

We Are Freedom-Preserving

We believe in using education and awareness as tools to empower individuals to make their own educated decisions about pornography.


We Are Not Religiously Affiliated

As an organization, we do not associate with any faith or belief system, nor do we discuss porn and sexual exploitation from a religious or moral perspective.

We Are Not Legislation-Focused

We support efforts to protect children from easily accessing hardcore pornography, however, FTND does not work to take away adults’ rights to view legal forms of pornography.

We Are Not Choice-Restricting

We accept and respect that an individual has the right to develop their own stance on the topic of pornography, whether or not it is consistent with FTND’s position.

We Are Not Shaming

We take great care in our presentations, content, and overall influence to be a voice of positivity and hope. We do not use shame or scare tactics, and instead encourage all of our followers to join us in an anti-shaming fight for love.


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